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20 Jun 2017, Created 8 days ago

Michael McNeel, MD, FACS

5 out of 5 stars

Awesome! Super friendly and very talented. Worked with me through all my insecurities. Love the staff and the consultant I worked with. Both locations are very clean and finely furnished. Thinking about doing bodytite with Dr McNeel! READ MORE

SECOND Revision Rhino - Marietta, GA

One year ago I went in to a ENT for my VERY deviated septum. They wanted to go in and do surgery so I could breathe. I suggested possibly also a rhinoplasty to try and smooth out a couple of rough edges and generally just make my nose look smaller since everything else about me is so small. A few months later (August 2011) I was under and had 2 doctors perform on my face. One for the septo and... READ MORE

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Oh no! I sent you a private message last week. Did you not get that? READ COMMENT

Hello Mia! I soooo feel for you. I have been to countless doctors, wasted SO much money, I've been put on anti-depressants, done psycho-therapy, regular therapy... bought myself expensive jewelry and cars to make myself happy...... READ COMMENT

Wow your nose looks good now! I am so sorry your first surgery was such a bad experience for you. You look great now though! You are looking to get more fillers done? READ COMMENT

You can do them yourself?!?! I definitely wouldn't be comfortable doing that. It was too painful to think I could inject myself. The doctor did everything for me. The swelling did go down quite a bit after about 4 days after the... READ COMMENT

It is pretty painful. Not going to lie the first injection wasn't pleasant. BUT it only lasted a few seconds then the pain killer mixed in kicked in. The other sticks were bad but not as bad as the first. I did feel light headed... READ COMMENT