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Maryjune & jhealer....I'm not sure where you both live. I know I did find one PS that "IF" I was considering to ever go under the knife again, which, I am DEFINATELY not.....not in a million years, not even for corrective surgery, which... READ COMMENT

Hi ladies...it makes me sad to see nothing has improved in over a year since I have written on tis forum! We do our homework, get the "BEST" PS available and still have dreadful, life long, it seems, unimaginable pain....how do these... READ COMMENT

Best wishes & hugs to all of my sister on this forum!! I hope you are all moving forward and enjoying each and every single day! I've decided I can live with this...as long as I'm living!!!! It's what I've been given, and I can't change... READ COMMENT

Sallisu2...... We have had close to the same EXACT experience! We could be twins.....with the exception of the outcome of my dissatisfaction of my surgery. Nerve damage, especially around the ear area is, unfortunately, one of the most... READ COMMENT

Springup....how many times I have wondered how you are dearest one! It's so nice to see your post and read your update! I'm sorry you are STILL dealing with these issues. Darn doctors!! You are so right, we are stuck with what we are... READ COMMENT