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I had the same feelings, after a month still felt had bags under my eyes, but give your self another month or even two and it will get better. I had the lower bleph and it can take up to four months for total improvement. READ COMMENT

Ask your doctor if you experience dry eyes if you can use an eye lubricant like natural tears READ COMMENT

I did fine being awake for the procedure. The only part that was a bit uncomfortable was the injections below the eye for the numbing. The rest of the procedure was fine, and I didn't feel anything so I kept still. both eyes done in 1... READ COMMENT

I am six days post sugery for lower lids, no dry eyes. My eyes do feel itchy and tight at times for the past few days and the ointment helps with that, itching is common, part of the healing process. READ COMMENT

I'll ask my friend to take some pictures and also the doctor, have you heard much about scarring. READ COMMENT