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Rhinoplasty, Upper Blepharoplasty, and Brow Lift at the Same Time?

I am planning on getting a rhinoplasty done, and I also wanted to get an upper blepharoplasty done to correct the ptosis of my right eye and remove the extra skin on both eyes... READ MORE

Best Treatment to Tighten Pores and Lighten Hyperpigmentation?

After battling moderate acne and severely oily skin for five years, I have finally cleared my skin and gotten rid of my oily skin (Accutane). However, I still have huge pores... READ MORE

Am I a Possible Candidate for Spironolactone, and if So, How Can I Get It Prescribed?

If I have oily skin and acne, but no other external sign of an androgen problem (hormone imbalance) would my dermatologist still prescribe me Spironolactone on a trial bases?... READ MORE

I Want to Get a Chemical Peel Done to Lighten Acne Hyperpigmentation but I'm Afraid of Enlarging my Pores Even More?

I already have extemely large pores from years and years of bad acne and extremely oily skin. I don't want them to become even larger. Is this a possibility? READ MORE

I Want to Get a Rhinoplasty Done, but I Have Extremely Large Pores on and Around my Nose. Would This Be a Problem?

I've had extremely large pores since I was eleven, which is when I developed severe acne. Since then I have taken Accutane, which has cleared up my acne, and I have been using... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for bulbous nose with thick skin, large pores, and history of acne? (photo)

I'm a senior in high school, and I would like to get my nose done in the summer after I graduate before I go to college. I'm sure I want this procedure done, but my skin is the... READ MORE

Breathing trouble: could I have a deviated septum? (photo)

I've always had trouble breathing through my nose- when I run I have to breathe through my mouth, and when I have a cold my left nostril seems more congested than the right.... READ MORE

How to find a surgeon specializing in tip reshaping?

I'm a caucasian female looking to get rhinoplasty done very soon, and one of my main concerns is my tip. Specifically, it is large, fleshy and bulbous, and I would like to have... READ MORE

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You honestly look so beautiful, and it's so common to feel this way at first. I really hope you will eventually see how amazing you look. Good luck!! READ COMMENT

To be honest I think your nose looks lovely. You look stunning! I think your most fits well with your face and it looks very natural. I really hope you start to feel better about it. READ COMMENT

You're welcome! I'm so glad you're happy with your new nose! READ COMMENT

I know your comment is supposed to be flattering , but it really rubs me the wrong way. There's no "should" or "shouldn't" when it comes to how much makeup a woman should wear. Women you don't find attractive don't need to wear more... READ COMMENT