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Had a propylactic masc in Jan just finished w 2nd reconstruction last week- finally super happy w results. If I were in your sitaution I would opt out of tamoxifen - I think muscle testing and following a holistic lifestyle to fight... READ COMMENT

I have TE now filled to 340 and scheduled surgery w 370 sientra shaped- PS recommended shaped for my size. I'm hoping that I make the right decision based on his suggestion. Praying for no rippling- very little now unless I bend over.... READ COMMENT

Ok, so I totally understand your feelings. I am 5'2 120 pounds and a size 2/ 4. I have had 3 c-sections. All of my clothes fit fine, nobody would ever have known I had extra skin. But, I did and it bothered me...I am very fit- work... READ COMMENT

I would also get a 2nd consult I am 32, (3 c sections) 5'2 120 pounds...had a lot less skin than you...actually people were in shock that I was getting a full tt... I hid it well....don't want you to regret look like a perfect... READ COMMENT

Hi ladies, day 3 post for me. Had a TT only ,done w no drains!! Took a shower today and feeling better. I think the back pain has been the worst!! I'm laughing about the hospital bed questions because on Friday night I was wishing... READ COMMENT