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Retinol A Nightmare

I tried Retinol A as per my derm's recommendation - I did it at night off and on for about two weeks. I went for a run (about 8K) at around 6pm - it was sunny but not hot and although my run lasted only 40 minutes I am now living a nightmare with my face! I have aged myself about 20 yrs as my eyes are extremely wrinkly and crepey and I have red leathery patches along my cheeks! I (like most... READ MORE

No Difference On Knees and Elbows - Vancouver, BC

Paid 4K for Titan on my upper knees and my elbows to combat a bit of saggy skin - I'm in great shape at 5'3 and 110 lbs - I'm an avid weightlifter and a competitive athlete. Ive had 2 Titan treatments (pain scale about a 4 - if that) the first treatment was May 5th the second about 3 weeks ago - there has been absolutely no change whatsoever. I'm a very good judge of the smallest nuances in my... READ MORE

Questions from anonymous99

Will Titan Be a Good Alternative After Mini Facelift and Bleph Surgery?

I had mid-face lift and upper lower bleph -its been 6 weeks and my cheeks and eyes look fantastic, it didn't really address my lower jaw, especially the jowling and the... READ MORE

Under Eye Crepey Skin Wrinkling After Bleph Surgery?

I had a mini-lift with upper and lower bleph - at first my face looked great, but as the swelling receded (it's now been 8 weeks) Im noticing a major amount of crepey wrinkly... READ MORE

Why Did Juvaderm Ultra Plus and Restylane Make my Eyes Look Even More Wrinkly?

I had upper/lower bleph in Aoril - I then got restylane and juvaderm ultra plus put in in June to plump the hollow tear trough and cheek bone area - my face shape looks great... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce Crepey Wrinkles Under Eyes After Bleph and Fillers?

In April/12 I had upper/lower bleph, a SMAS lift, then in June resty and juvaderm under eyes and cheeks - also Botox I've had a few touchups in Aug and 2 silkpeels. I very... READ MORE

Can Local Anesthesia Used in Surgery Cause Hair Loss? Will my Hair Grow Back?

I had upper and lower bleph surgery and a mini-lift just this April 2012 and had local anesthesia (where I was still awake and could talk) and have noticed a dramatic loss of... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual 1550 for Rosacea and Cystic Hormonal Acne?

I'm considering Fraxel Dual (1550) for fine lines around eyes, cheeks, and feathering around mouth and chin (had upper/lower bleph and mini lift 1 yr ago) My problem is I have... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual 1927 - Discolouration Around Left Eye? (photo)

Had fraxel dual 1927 today - had bleph surgery (upper and lower) plus mini lift last year - I do fillers and botox - I am fair blue eyed European descent. Face is red and only... READ MORE

How Can I Stop Pre-menopausal Greasy Hair?

I've been dealing with greasy hair on a daily basis - I've tried nizoral, Nioxin, vinegar and water, all kinds of shampoos and concoctions - my hair literally starts getting... READ MORE

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I'm on Day 7 of Fraxel Dual 1927 setting - face looks fabulous - loads of compliments today - noticeably better and smooth, pier reduction and and improved texture - probably do it again in Sept READ COMMENT

I had Fraxel Dual set on 1927 - on a pain scale it was a 3 - there are different types of Fraxel lasers that do different things with different settings so it's hard to judge the pain level. As a semi-pro athlete I know how to deal with... READ COMMENT

Hi Fishmonger - How are you? I had Fraxel Dual 1927 yesterday (was very nervous) Like you, I'm a very fair, blue-eyed European descent. the procedure was very tolerable - pain scale maybe a 3 - I've had upper and lower bleph surgery and... READ COMMENT

I just had fraxel dual on 1927 today - I had bleph surgery (upper and lower) plus a mini lift last year - I do fillers and botox - I am very fair blue eyed European descent. I decided to get fraxel dual to deal with some fine lines... READ COMMENT

Hi Deanna - I'm very interested in how your face is looking after fraxel as I'm considering this for myself. Hiw are you finding the results? Did it improve your skin? Are your pores smaller and your color more even? Any updates you can... READ COMMENT