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How Long After Nostril Narrowing Does Swelling Subside?

Most estimates for swelling and recovery don't cover a surgery where only nostril narrowing was done. READ MORE

Creased Nasal Sill After Alar Base Reduction. Can something simple be done to correct that doesn't involve incisions/stitches?

Several months ago, I had a procedure to correct one nostril that was much lower than the other (the doctor called it 'nostril reduction'). An excision was made running through... READ MORE

Will Scar on Nostril Get Better?

Hello, I had surgery on my nostril about a year and a half ago. I am colorblind, so I'm not exactly sure how this scar looks. How does it look, and can I expect the appearance... READ MORE

How Soon After VBeam Can I Have Brief Sun Exposure?

How soon after VBeam that didn't leave bruising or much redness can I walk to my car a few times a day which takes a couple minutes each time? Thanks! READ MORE