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Delsie, Please do extensive research before considering this LSL procedure. I didn't do any research, I saw infomercials and believed it would be a good thing. I went for a consultation and was talked into scheduling my procedure... READ COMMENT

I would be more than happy to sign a petition. I have started coping as many reviews as I can find about LSL and making a folder. Who knows, they may be helpful in the future. I would love to help shut down the whole operation. If... READ COMMENT

In some cases (as mine) it doesn't last that long or even work. It didn't change my appearance for the better at all. I could tell within a few days that I still had frown lines and sagging jowl lines. At my postop I was told that I... READ COMMENT

That is sad. There should be justice for anyone who is treated badly (or left scarred for life) in ANY medical situation. Doesn't LSL have malpractice ins.? At my consultation I was told that LSL does their own financing. I NEVER... READ COMMENT

Tanya, I went through the same thing with LSL. I had my procedure in Atlanta Ga. It was the biggest mistake I have ever made. I was promised WOW results and received NO results. I too have scars under my chin and on my neck. It has... READ COMMENT