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Dr. Raffi Der Sarkissian is the Best! a True Perfectionist and Artist! - Boston, MA

This was my third nose job, two in my late teens and now one is my late 30's. I was always told by doctors my nose would always be wide and would never be "perfect". I decided I really wanted to do this surgery when I hated most pictures of myself. My graphs had shifted over the years and my nose looked uneven and wide and just didnt fit my face. The pain was minimal, and I took no pain meds.... READ MORE

Cellulaze...easy, Comfortable, Confident in Dr. Marshall and Staff - Wellesley, MA

To reduce the cellulite on the back of my thighs I had been following cellulaze for over a year and was so excited to hear it was FDA approved in the US. I searched for a reputable, board certified Plastic Surgeon and found out that Dr. Marshall in the greater Boston area. I think at this time is one of the few, if not the only one, with the cellulaze machine in New England. I really... READ MORE

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Hi. i dont have any pictures. I feel the results are minimal. I do not think the procedure is worth the money. If the procedure was under $2000, then maybe. very minimal. READ COMMENT

I am 5 weeks out and i still feel a little numbness and a tiny pain and some minor swelling. I wouldnt worry and you are seeing your doc next week. I really think that cellulaze is getting a pretty bad review. This is my opinion: ... READ COMMENT

One week is way too soon to see anything and dont get discouraged. I am 22 days after and I am not bruised, a tiny swollen and still numbish. I see a slight improvement, but am being patient. I kinda need to see my before pics to... READ COMMENT

HI! Yes I feel really good. Tomorrow will be three weeks. By week 2 my bruising had gone away and 80% of the soreness and numbness are gone. I still feel lumpy to touch my legs, like bumps under the skin. I was told normal. I am... READ COMMENT

I feel so bad that you feel like crap all around. Everyday you will feel and see an improvement. I am thinking of you and wishing you well. Perhaps, your knee hurts so much bc I was told by my doctor that too much cellulaze or I... READ COMMENT