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Hi PFU, your poor thing. I know exactly what you are going through. Trust me it will improve. My face deflated in the evening dramatically for atleast 12 months. Then after that it started to subsided. Yes there were times after that,... READ COMMENT

Hi everyone..did anyone have ear-hole shrinkage and nostril shrinkage from botox migration causing deadened muscles? ..I thought I was going deaf for the first two months! READ COMMENT

In the past, I would have benefited from this diet; but having been botoxed badly, I could'nt do it. Its too strong on my system. I think it would be bad for my condition, even though I'm a lot better. READ COMMENT

I didnt have the undereye bags, but the toxins turned my brown eyes black. My iris's are still black. The outer of my eyes turned up and were tighter during the day..but by the evening they would start to droop. I hated going out at... READ COMMENT

I found that being botoxed also made my digestive system incredibly sensitive. Green smoothies were too strong for my stomach. There is a school of thought that say we don't have the digestive enzymes of cows!..and that most vegetables... READ COMMENT