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Venus Freeze to Thighs and Buttie - 1st Treatment Tomorrow Before Pics - Lubbock, TX

Okay, thought I would blog this journey to see if it really works. So today I took before pics of my saggy skin and cellulite on my thighs and butte. I have my first treatment tomorrow and will do at least 3 maybe 6-8 depending on whether this really works or not. I've seen some good and some bad reviews. So here's hoping it helps to rid me of cellulite and tightens my skin up some as well... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Part 2 - Perkier Boobs and Flatter Tummy Coming Next Week! - Lubbock, TX

Grand Total for everything is $11,443 (I paid $12,500 in May 2012) This is really getting expensive. I told my husband I'm so sorry I didn't do all this the first time, May 2012. He was really sweet and said he understood. So, here I go again. Anesthesia: $1000 Surgical facility: $2750 Breast Implant Extraction: No charge. Mastoplexy with silicone implant exchange: $3780 for... READ MORE

80 Year Old with 60 Year Old Implants! - Texas

I am japanese and was completely flat. I am 4'10" and weigh 90 lbs. I had the implants put it in Okinawa in 1957. I had 3 children later, 1959, 1960, and 1961. I am now 81 and my daughter said several people wanted to see what they look like now 60 years later. For being 81 and the implants being 60 years old I think they look pretty good. My daughter found this on a medical archives... READ MORE

Ruptured Gel Implants Removed and Replaced with Natrelle Style 20 450cc with Strattice - Lubbock, TX

I had 30 year old silicone 425cc implants removed because they had ruptured and were calcifying. Removing the plasterlike goo took my ps 3 hours. He then replaced them with natrelle style 20 (high profile) 450 cc smooth gel implants. He went through the areole. He was able to lift them some by cutting the areale out in a crescent, then cut around it to make it smaller and round and replaced it... READ MORE

Mini Tummy Tuck No Muscle Repair with Liposuction of the Flank Area Also Breast Augmentation Redo - Lubock, TX

I was only charged $1550 for the mini tt and lipo as he did a 50% reduction for doing the ba redo. I am 3 weeks and 4 days post op and still have severe swelling. It has not gone down since day 1. It looks the same. I'm really depressed about that. But I looked at some photos of a lady that looked similar to me on the before pics and 15 months later she looked exactly how I want to look. My... READ MORE

Questions from Great2BMe

4 Wks Post Mini Tummy Tuck, Flank Lipo. Concerned I Have Seroma. Total Area Above Suture Line is Jiggly?

4 wks post op mini tt, flank lipo. Had one drain for 5 days with output of 25 cc first, then 20cc, 15 cc, 10 cc, 7 cc and it was removed. However from the beginning I had a... READ MORE

I Am Worried That I Will Tear the New Strattice Breast Tissue if I Play Golf Too Soon. How Long Should I Wait? (photo)

I had 30 year old silicone ruptured implants replaced on 4/31/12 through the areiole with Natrelle high profile, smooth 450 cc gel implants with strattice to help secure them... READ MORE

Should I Get a Full Tt After a Mini or Just Liposuction? (photo)

I had a mini tt on 4/31/12. I only had loose skin below the belly button and had a mini tt. I am 5'4" 154 lbs. He removed 3 inches of skin and lipoed out 250cc on my flanks.... READ MORE

Lipo Only or Full Tt Following a Mini Tt? (photo)

I had a mini tt over a year ago. PS said he would lipo the remaining fat later. I'm at that point now. Will lipo remove the remaining fat bulge between the incision line and bb... READ MORE

Legally Blind, Right Eye 1000 Left Eye 1050. Should I Get Correction or Just Live with What I Have?

My left eye is 1050 and my right eye is 1000. This is very bad. I am blind without correction. I would like to be able to see where I'm going when I wake up in the middle of... READ MORE

Left breast monthly recurrent redness, inflammation and pain for going on a year now, following a breast red/aug?

Have any of you had any patients with this problem. The first swelling occurred @ 1 mo. & would go away after 1-2 wks & then come right back for 12 months now. Always on the... READ MORE

Recent comments from Great2BMe

The first time 30 years ago, I had silicone gel implants placed through my armpit, so no scars on breasts at all. 2nd time was 2012 and I had them replaced. This is much more costly than getting new ones because they have to remove... READ COMMENT

I had them redone because they got in the way of my golf! LOL. Also, I'm getting older and they were heavy. Went with same type of implants, the natrelle silicone gel implants, under muscle with a lollipop incision, since I was going... READ COMMENT

It's all good. Mine were a complete mess with what wasn't calcified turning into a gooey sticky mess according to doc. Hard to clean up. Surgery quite a while 6 hours, but I also had tummy tuck and lipo at same time. I had... READ COMMENT

I knew they were ruptured because I had an abnormal mammo, followed by an mri. The silicone calcified and migrated close to armpits. It was a mess. I never felt any pain whatsoever. Mine were above the muscle through the armpit. ... READ COMMENT