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Diamond Microdermabrasion - Glendale, CA

I got a series of 4 Diamond Microdermabrasion on Groupon and have used one so far. It was a typical experience and they extracted some hard oil pimples in my pores. I have noticed my pores are smaller and face very silky after the treatment. However I did experience a few pimples poping out a few days after the treatment. Maybe the product they used also did something to my pores? My face... READ MORE

No Result - Los Angeles, CA

I did a Groupon deal for 3 sessions of Velashape for my problem area: stomach but saw no difference what so ever. It was just a wast of money and good thing it was through groupon and if i had paid full price i would have been mad! However it was relaxing and warm... it made me giggle so much the first session but 2 other sessions were nice. it was like having a massage for 20 mins a... READ MORE

Zerona Laser Really Works - Los Angeles, CA

I am a very healthy guy and practice yoga 3 days a week (one day being bikram yoga). I do some light workout for 45 mins 2 days a week and one day of hard work out per week. I eat right 6 days a week a have one cheat meal per weekend. I am in good shape at 5'6", 128.5lbs and 28" waist but no matter what i do i just wasn't able to get rid of a little fat off my stomach.... READ MORE

Young Guy Just Had a Hair Transplant Procedure in Los Angeles, CA, Will Document in Detail. - Beverly Hills, CA

I just had a hair transplant 2 days ago and I will try to be as detailed as possible. I hope this will help someone seeking this procedure and this is my first review of anything on the internet because I understand how hair lost can really affect some people. Let's start with my background. I am 36 years old male and saw my first big hair shed at age 21 and was in panic because... READ MORE

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I just had my first follow up at the doctor's office (will write a update very soon). well his transplanted hair will dormant for at least 4 months so it is normal not seeing any results and also depends on what method the hair was... READ COMMENT

Hello, How is your boyfriend doing? How long has it been since the transplant and what do you think? READ COMMENT

I had the lump too and it wont go away for the next year or so but it will slowly shrink you can get another injection to even it out a bit or just leave it as is and do a touch up in 6 months or so. READ COMMENT

Oh never go to Bosley, please look up bosley review on here or on the web they are terrible. They are pretty much just a fast food joint for hair transplant. DON'T GO THERE! Everything is going well and most of my transplanted hair... READ COMMENT

I did take Curva that was part of the treatment and they did give me an alternative (forgot what it's called) but it's pretty much the same thing. Curva didn't do anything good or bad to me, actually I didn't feel anything different at... READ COMMENT