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Hey Scottdale, Wow i think you just said the words i needed to hear, about forgetting about people critics. thank you I’m gonna do it lol #gobigorgohome READ COMMENT

KKSHARIE, Hi there good luck on ur surgery. If you don't mind e asking who will be ur DR in Columbia? READ COMMENT

Teki, Thank you so much for keeping up with the updates that means a lot for us future mommy make overs lol Wow a little frustrating i see with the consult before surgery and ur tummy looks great!!!! So you paid 6200 for the entire... READ COMMENT

Woohoooo good for you sweety. Your behind looks very full and round and its only been a like 3 days since the surgery. All that swelling is normal!!! very excited for you!!!! READ COMMENT

Good luck tomorrow and no worries u will look great I bet!!!!! READ COMMENT