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Can I Get Areola Reduction?

I'm a 16 year old female, average weight. My problem is the size of my areolas. They grew bigger with puberty to about a radius of 5cm. They look ridiculous in proportion to my... READ MORE

Nose Job Suggestions? (photo)

I am very unhappy with my nose. I don't like how long and skinny it is or the bump on it. I also don't like how much it sticks out from the face, if that makes any sense. I... READ MORE

Would This (Nose Job) Be Possible? (photo)

I played around with photoshop a bit to see if my nose could look better. I think this result is decent looking. Would it be possible to really have this result with surgery? READ MORE

Can a High Nose Bridge Be Turned into More of a Button Nose? (photo)

I have a thin, pointy nose that I hate with all of my heart. It looks out of place on my face, I would do anything to get a better looking nose. My ideal nose would be a nose... READ MORE

If the Areola is Cut Open, Would It Heal Back to How It Was Before or with "Normal" Skin?

Theoretically. I know you can, for example, reduce the size of the areola with surgery, but then you pull the other skin over the wound and it heals that way. If you left the... READ MORE