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3 Weeks Post Rhino, One Side is Beginning to Sink?

I had rhinoplasty about a 3 weeks ago and I know it is still WAY too early for all swelling to be gone. On one side of my nose right above the tip, it is beginning to somewhat... READ MORE

I have a bad smell in my nose a year after rhinoplasty, what could it be?

I had rhinoplasty almost a year ago and there has been a sour smell in it for months now. I went to my doctor and he couldn't figure out what it was. He told me to put some... READ MORE

Can birth control really cause facial hair on the chin and jawline in women? What BC is recommended? Can I get rid of the hair?

I am started to get facial hair on my chin a few years ago. I have been through countless laser treatments and nothing has helped. It started coming around the same time I... READ MORE

Depressions in nose after revision rhinoplasty. Is this normal? (Photo)

After I had revision rhiniplasty about 4 weeks ago, part of my nose is sinking causing here to be depressions and look bumpy. Does this go away? Will it even out? I spoke to... READ MORE