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Bra Line Back Lift - La Jolla, CA

I decided to do a mid-back bra line lift after having a successful tummy tuck. Ater doing liposuction, my body was left with a lot of laxity and loose skin. My new tight tummy accentuated the loose skin on my mid back . . . so, once again I had a great experience with Dr. Michael Brucker. Yesterday, I underwent the bra line back lift procedure to remove unwanted bra fat and loose skin... READ MORE

Full TT Fixed my Smart Lipo Disaster - sorry I waited so long for fear of a scar

My decision to do a full tummy tuck is decidedly my final attempt to repair the damage to my stomach caused by Smart Lipo (the worst thing I've ever done to my body). It all started in 2007 when I wanted to fix some trouble spots that I could not deal with by exercising. I am of small frame, low body fat, very athletic and physical, and I eat well. I went to see a prominent, well-advertised... READ MORE

Ultherapy Gives Great Results but is Not the Most Comfortable Procedure - Santa Barbara, CA

I have had Ultherapy on my face and twice on my stomach. In a word it HURTS. The results are fantastic - the best skin tightening procedure that I have had and, dare I say, I've tried most of them. Anyway, I am happy to answer any question. READ MORE

Absolutely Wonderfully Natural Facelift - Love It and Only 3 Weeks out - Santa Barbara, CA

I have had the most wonderful facelift experience with the world renowned, Dr. Gregory S. Keller. I scheduled my surgery, which I had not even thought of doing, for just 3 days after my initial consult. My consultation was for a much wanted necklift. I have severe sun damage on my neck from years of working in the sun. The skin was sagging and driving me crazy - I felt that it was the... READ MORE

Active FX - Had a Great Exerience

The picture below was taken 36 hours after I had the Active FX on my face, neck and chest. The procuedure was not painful at all - sleeping last night was a little uncomfortable. I thought that the procedure was very easy - my doctor numbed the areas first with a strong lidocaine and then administered a shot of demerol. I was very relaxed. My face has been weeping some since yesterday... READ MORE

Feels Good - No Real Benefit . . .

I have tried this procedure to correct problems created by a horrible Liposuction procedure that was supposed to correct small fat deposits on my hips and abdomen.  Huge promises were made by the manufacturer of this machine and also the clinics performing the treatment.   Velashape is nothing more than a warm massage. I am 5'6" 120lbs with ugly ridges on... READ MORE

Excellent Results - Pain Free Treatment - Look Great

IRecently, I have noticed some reseding of my hairline in the front of my head - I attribute the hairloss to wearing baseball caps for many years since no one in my family has suffered this problem.  Styling my hair always seemed to involve covering up the large bare spots which I hated . . . So, at the recommendation of my plastic surgeon, I thought it would be worht a try to have a hair... READ MORE

Fraxel Treatments Are Great for MINOR Skin Imperfections - It is Not Aggressive Enough for Major Skin Repair

History:  I am 5'6", 120lb.  I have trained horses all my life and suffered tons of sun exposure as a job hazard.  I have hated my turkey neck for two decades. Approx 4 weeks ago I went to a La Jolla doctor for  consultation to have a necklift, short scar facelift and also breast augmentation.  The doctor, whom I would recommend to anyone who asks, is fabulous... READ MORE

My Breast Implants Look Natural and Feel Great - I LOVE THEM. La Jolla, CA

I love my new breast implants - very pretty and only two weeks out - zero pain or bruising.  I had mine inserted through an incision around the areola and under the muscle - I went from a 32B to a 32DDDD with 450 cc Moderate Plus.  I had them done in La Jolla - the doctor was fabulous.  I also had a short scar facelift at the same time - I am 45 yrs old and look 35!!!! I... READ MORE

This is Sooo Interesting and Cannot Believe It Totally Worked

I am 120 lbs 5'6" with a few trouble spots. I had conventional mesotherapy with the needle injections - wow, it really did work. OK the needles were painful as I was being stabbed but I took a pain pill twenty minutes before the session which helped. I did it five or six times and it was great. I saw a ton of improvement but it did not do all I wanted so I got SmartLipo which was a huge... READ MORE

I Have Done This Three Times with Low Results.

I am a well-maintained girl - I care how I look - not obsessesed but definitely aware. I try lots of procedures - I have done Thermage three times on face and neck with poor results compared to other procedures - I don't recommend it unless you have money to burn for experiment sake. I think Thermage is a great idea but it is terribly painful for not getting satisfactory changes. READ MORE

Excellent Results - I Look Younger and Healthier.

I had my upper/lower eyelids done with a browlift and cut the frownline muscle at one time. The recovery was slow and a bit ugly but totally worth the down time. Occasionally the threadlift is itchy and it has been more than a year ago that I had the surgery. I no longer need Botox for frowning. I love the results.I just had my eyelids redone again 10 yrs later by another surgeon. This... READ MORE

Horrific Experience - Extremely Painful - Would Not Recommend to Worst Enemy

I went into my procedure 5'6", 120lbs, with a few trouble areas: outer thighs, upper/lower tummy, back rolls, mozilla side boobs. I am very fit for my age - no kids. Due to the difficult recovery from an accident, I developed problem areas of fat that won't go away and now have significant cellulite issues. I am very modest but in the Summer like to wear a midriff which I have not done in 20... READ MORE

Questions from Once again Thank you

Does Anyone Do Permanent Makeup with Sedation?

I tried to have permanent eyeliner done and could not finish the procedure due to the pain and the anxiety of the procedure. I kept trying to grab the girls arm preventing her... READ MORE

I Am Considering Replacing my 450cc Mp Implants with 550cc - MP or HP?

5'6, 125lbs. I love the shape but mine are 6 yrs old and starting to drop a bit . . . gravity working and all. So, I think I want to replace them with 550cc and a doctor... READ MORE

I Had a TT to Correct Defects from Smart Lipo. 4 Days Ago Tummy Looked Great, Today It's Bumpy Again. Will This Go Away?

The irregularities are returning in the upper abdomen - 4 days ago my tummy looked almost perfect. I feel fine, the scar is much better than I thought . . . this is just a lil... READ MORE

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I want to share my experience combining Endymed, PRP, and Ultherapy for fixing botched lipo

For the last 4 years I have been trying to repair my disfigured abdomen.  I have tried everything and some things twice,  I recently received an email from one of my... READ MORE

TT recovery goes through cycles - up and down.

I am 8 days post op from my skin-only TT.  I've noticed that my recovery seems to go through little cycles, up and down.  The first two days were easy, the next two... READ MORE

TT experience is positive and I wish I had not waited 5 yrs to do it . . .

Visit my profile to read my journey through a horrific Smart Lipo which trail ended 6 yrs later in TTland  . . . I tried everything to avoid the TT scar but, alas, I... READ MORE

My Smart Lipo journey ends 6 yrs later with a FULL TT (tummy tuck)

6 yrs after my disastrous Smart Lipo surgery, I've ended up with a full Tummy Tuck.  I never would have believed that I would have a tummy tuck.  I always had a... READ MORE

I am considering replacing my 450cc MP silicone implants but cannot decide whether to do MP or HP. Thinking 550cc . . .

I am very happy with my breasts now but am considering updating to 550cc.  I cannot decide whether to get MP or HP cuz I don't want to do a lift and don't want a really... READ MORE

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I ended up having to have several full TTs in order to deal with it . . . yes, it's true. READ COMMENT

It's too early for you to tell but I would continue to monitor the area in case of scarring/healing complications. Over time they will settle and not feel so big. I'm glad you are happy with the shape - this can be challenging for... READ COMMENT

I did not have lipo. READ COMMENT

I typically do - love this site. READ COMMENT

I had this done yesterday - I had a similar look to you. I hope it works well and thank you for your review. READ COMMENT