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Punch Excision for Acne Scar ...100% WORSE - Springfield, MO

Two years ago I had punch-excision performed for a couple of small acne scars on my cheek. I was initially going to have the procedure performed on scars over my entire face, but wanted to first try it on a small area to see the results came about. I was told by the doctor that the resulting "improved" scar would be no larger or noticeable than the fine wrinkles on your knuckles.... READ MORE

Nothing but a $900.00 Sunburn!

I had my first Pearl treatment yesterday. I have a four moderate acne scars and some sun damage. I tried punch-excision last year- and it seemed to make some scars worse. Erasing these scars is a must since I work in TV. The treatment itself wasn't so bad...the passes over the forehead were the worst. I didn't have much redness at all after being sent home. 24-hours later, today,... READ MORE

Questions from mikecheck79

How Long Does It Take to See Full Results of Pearl Laser Treatment?

I had the Pearl Laser treatment last week for minor acne scaring. My skin looks great overall...but the scars are still there. Is this the "final product"? Or will it take a... READ MORE

Pearl Fractional Vs Original Pearl Laser for Acne Scars?

I had the regular Pearl treatment for moderate acne scarring one month ago. It only improved the situation by about 5%. I'm going in next month for the Pearl Fractional. I... READ MORE

How Does Pearl Fractional Help Acne Scars?

I'm considering the Pearl Fractional to help with moderate scarring on my cheeks. I've heard lots of great things about this new procedure; but how does it work? In pictures,... READ MORE

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Hi, 2332anon... What I used, that helped, was Aquaphor. It's a medicated Neosporin-type ointment that can be purchased at most pharmacies and stores. I just put some on before bed- and that helped keep it hydrated. Of course, it is... READ COMMENT

Tom...yes, I think I would recommend the Pearl Fractional to a friend. Cutera says patients will see a "remarkable" improvement after one treatment. In my case, that might have been a bit of an over-sell. However, I could see how a... READ COMMENT

I am getting the Pearl Fractional in 2 weeks for acne scarring. You mention that your scars are 90% gone. Were yours simply red spots- or indentions? Just trying to get an idea on what I can expect in the way of results for my... READ COMMENT

I too am surprised by lack of pics anywhere...even my doc didnt have any. READ COMMENT

No more treatments scheduled as of now. I'm still waiting a bit to see how the scars pan out. My theory is if one treatment did nothing- will a second do much more? My skin overall looks great- just the pits are still there. So I... READ COMMENT