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An improvement but not perfect

I had a bilateral lower blepharoplasty with fat transfer to tear troughs. I thought about getting this done since I was 30, I am now 44. I had the procedure done just 11 days ago, but I am so happy with the improvements already! I definitely chose the best surgeon. I wanted to keep my eye shape, I just wanted the bags gone. So far, I love the results! For anyone who has had two... READ MORE

Questions from chuggie1

Lower blephoraplasty? (Photos)

I have hereditary eye bags. No creams can help this and makeup is just getting harder to cover the older I get. I have a consultation booked. What option should I ask about? READ MORE

Outer cut or inner cut if I have some crinkling? (Photos)

Two consults: one transcontinental with skin pinch and fat repositioning from abdomen. ( way too expensive) The other outside cut with fat from bags draped Over tear trough. (... READ MORE

Tear production test before lower bleph?

How is this test preformed and is it very uncomfortable? My surgeon is requiring it for lower blepharoplasty- is this normal? READ MORE

Can I get lower bleph if I have thyroid disease?

My blood work came back with my thyroid overactive. My endocrinologist keeps me on the higher end of the spectrum because I am always tired. Will my surgeon still preform... READ MORE

Why is my smile uneven after lower eyelid surgery three weeks ago? Is this normal for healing? (photo)

My right eye does not crinkle when I smile and it looks like I have two different size eyes when I smile. I am still bruised in the eye that looks huge. READ MORE

One month after lower bleph does bruising mean I am still swollen? (photos)

Sounds like a dumb question, but the eye that was bruised much worse and still bruised a little is much larger than my other eye. When I squint or smile, my lower lid is stiff... READ MORE

Is this eye fixable? Lower bleph caused droop in one eye. (photo)

One month later still not going back to position. What can be done ? Massage isn't doing anything.  READ MORE

Where do I place tape under my eyes? (Photo)

I keep reading that taping my droopy lower lid will help make it go back to normal after lower bleph. My question is where do I buy this tape? What's it called? Where do I put... READ MORE

Under eye twitching 5 weeks after lower bleph and fat injections.

My right eye has very slight twitching quite often within the last few weeks. I sometimes feel it, other times I don't feel a thing but I see it very clearly. It is where he... READ MORE

Is there still hope? Uneven eyes after eyelid surgery. (photos)

I am devastated with my uneven eyes. I guess I just need some hope that it still might improve. All of you are so wonderful and have helped me while my doctor is of few words,... READ MORE

6 weeks after lower bleph. Is it too late to try taping lower lid at night? (Photo)

I have lower lid droop on one side 6 weeks after. My doctor is on vacation for another week. I just recently got tape from drugstore to try. Is it too late to tape? Or is it... READ MORE

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Thank you so much! READ COMMENT

Thank you so much! READ COMMENT

Hold q tip horizontally against lower eye rim (where you would put eyeliner) and gently push up to the top of your lid. Hold it for a few minutes READ COMMENT

Thank you so much. I would not even consider it since I am going to age. I just didn't want to have bags anymore. I appreciate your kind words. READ COMMENT

My advice would be to interview a lot of surgeons. If you are unsure or not comfortable with the doctor keep looking. Communication is so important. Also, know that results most likely won't be perfect. Some days I wake up and I can... READ COMMENT