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Thrilled with Freezing Them off - Boynton Beach, FL

My dermatologist froze four age spots off my hands with liquid nitrogen. It was very minor ache type pain for a couple of hours, then they turned red, slightly swollen, then scabbed over. Three weeks later they simply peeled off. The areas stayed pink for a couple of weeks then turned skin color and you can't see they were ever there. Love it! cheap easy fix. READ MORE

Zirconia Crown on Tooth 14 - Wellington, FL

I researched the internet for the best dentist I could find when I learned I needed a crown after a molar with a big filling broke past the gumline. I found a dentist in Wellington Florida, a top rated cosmetic dentist. He has lots and lots of before and after photos, along with lots of impressive credentials and a fancy office. I know someone who has beautiful perfect teeth he made as it... READ MORE

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His name is Dr. Sadati in Wellington Florida, not Dr. Sartori, sorry. READ COMMENT

Just wondering if anyone here would go back to a dentist who put a temporary crown on with permanent bonding cement and didn't tell them they did that, knowing they were about to get a root canal and the endo would be trying to get the... READ COMMENT

Also I saw a second endodontist, Dr. Moskow, who did a very thourough exam on that tooth and said he thinks it's fractured, and does not need a root canal. It is indeed fractured on the inside but I hadn't told him that. He said that... READ COMMENT

The second dentist I talked to, since the first dentist Dr Sadati refuses to talk to me, told me that to get the temporary off he needs to further grind down the tooth since the temporary crown is bonded to it. He said it is highly... READ COMMENT

With the original one, Dr. Sadati, refuses to talk to me even to let me know he can remove the temporaryhe put on with permanent cement, its' BONDED to the tooth he prepped. READ COMMENT