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My Tummy Tuck

I had it done because ive had 2 children also been steralized and 2 yrs ago i had a hysterectomy and it left a large scar down the middle of my stomach and also mt muscles were gone doesnt mater how much i tried to exercise i couldnt get a flat tummy. Hello i had a tummy tuck done on March the 6th 3 weeks later i was told i had a seroma the doctor drained it for me he used 4 large syringes... READ MORE

Questions from cavanagh

Still Swelling After Tummy Tuck Seroma Was Drained

I had a Tummy Tuck 4 weeks ago. I am puffy around my waist. I was told I had a seroma and they drained it, but I'm still very puffy. When will I get better? READ MORE

How Long Until Swelling and Seroma from Tummy Tuck Go Away?

Hi, I had a tummy tuck just over 4 weeks ago. I went back about 10 days later; they said I had a seroma, and they used 4 large syringes to drain it. The colour was really red... READ MORE

Correcting Loose Tummy Tuck Results?

I've had a seroma drained only 1 time after my Tummy Tuck on March 6. It's now 10 weeks later, and my surgeon doesn't seem to want to know. I've tried to get an appointment for... READ MORE

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I had mines done on the 6th March i still have swelling above my stiches and i dont feel as if mt skin was pulled tight enough i hear people saying they couldnt walk straight after the operation but i could 3 days after not happy at all ! READ COMMENT

Thx for all this help i am nearly 4 months post op it is going down now but along the scar line there is still a bulge the doctor said it might not go away as that is the skin where it was fatter there and the bottom half of the tummy... READ COMMENT

Hi well i know just how you feel i went to see my surgeon last week for the first time in about 7 weeks he said the reason why i have that bulge is because the skin he cut away was more fattening than the bit he sewed together from the... READ COMMENT

Ive had mines done 11 wks now can anyone tell me if there tummy is swollen above the stiches it doesnt feel flat there its like a bulge and my right side looks swollen still where they said my seroma was i was only drained one time... READ COMMENT

Well all i can do is spk for my self my waist was bigger and my right hand side had a seroma it was all swollen i am now 3 months after my op and its only now going down i was only drained once and i feel my doctor didnt care i hear... READ COMMENT