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Can Retin A or Other Retinol Creams Firm the Skin?

I have heard many people say Retinol creams can reduce fine lines, and even out skin tone, and many other articles include slightly firmer skin as an effect of Retin A, but... READ MORE

Is Juvederm Heavy Enough to Make Skin Sag More?

If you have very thin skin under your eyes, and you have Juvederm injected into the eye trough area (just below the thin skin), Can the weight of the Juvederm be heavy enough... READ MORE

Is It Bad to Massage You Face Too Hard? What Age Does You Skin Loose That 'Bounce Back' Effect?

I was just wondering, is it bad to massage your face too hard? With oils that is, so not to pull at the skin too much. When does our skin start loosing the ability to bounce... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra Varies from Each Patient?

I was wanting to have a more solid answer as the internet gets so confusing. I have read Juvederm Lasting anywhere from 2 months to 4 years. Some say it still swells 4 years... READ MORE

Is It Possible That Sciton Skin Tight Laser Setting 45 Can Burn Lower Layers of Skin?

Hi i had 4 sciton treatments for skin tightening. Setting was on 45. these were done 4 weeks apart. I have before and after photos but embarrassed to post. If any doctor wants... READ MORE

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Hi Greek Goddess. When you say it wont be reabsorbed by the body, is that ever? And do the masaage and heat etc help absorb it even if it was not injected deep, or is there no chance at all? Thanks. READ COMMENT

I've heard a lot of experts and users too, saying microcurrent devices are the best way to go, and what makes to most sense for lifting the face and reducing lines etc over time. Some people even said they wish they started using it... READ COMMENT

I was reading through the Doctors questions and replies, and there was one comment from Rian Maercks MD, saying that fillers cause fat Atrophy, negative changes in skin and aging! And that he recommends having your own fat injected... READ COMMENT

Have you tried retinol or retin A? I just started roc multi correxion serum. No idea what it will do to my skin.... READ COMMENT

Have you tried Derma Rolling? I just bought a derma roller, the 0.5mm one which dosn't hurt at all, so now i ordered a 1mm one. I have heard a lot of good reviews about them, that they can even produce the same results as a fractional... READ COMMENT