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33 Year Old Woman Going for Infini and Microneedling - Clifton, NJ

I am getting this procedure done in a few weeks. Anyone have any reviews on Infini? I saw many photos in the office and the results were AMAZING! I am also getting microneedling done after. I'm wondering how many times I'm going to have to go in. Any input is appreciated.  READ MORE

32 Year Old with Cystic Acne Scarring Going for CO2 Laser Treatment - Edison, NJ

Hello, I am going in for the gold with the CO2 Laser on the 10th and I am so nervous and excited about the procedure. I have seen some very impressive results from the CO2 laser and i have mild to moderate scars so I'm hoping for the best. I will definately keep everyone posted on results after I get it done. Will post more photos. Hey guys! UPDATE!!!!! I just want to let everyone know that... READ MORE

Acne Scars Filled - West Orange, NJ

Dr. Eric Joseph and staff will make you feel very at ease and comfortable about your procedure. I started going for silikon-1000 microdroplet fillers 4 months ago and the gradual change has been better than expected. I went for excision last December which left a few marks on my face that the doctor was able to fill almost 100% . I hope for one more treatment and they will be smoothed out... READ MORE

450cc HP Gummy Bear Smooth Over the Muscle

Hello everyone!!!!!! I'm so excited for my surgery in mid- August. I'm looking for feedback from women that have had this procedure done and if they scarred at all. I'm afraid of scarring. Not sure if I should go larger or smaller? I'm 5'4 , 150 lbs medium build. I'll add some photos soon :) I can't wait to hear some of your experiences. I'm not going with silicone, I know that... READ MORE

Going for Punch Excision/Silikon-1000

I have posted a review on Fraxel Re-Store and I had an okay outcome with it but I still have about 12 very tiny hole on my face that I can't stand! I am having the cut out through excision and I am also getting silicone microdroplets and than another laser after all this is over. Thoughts??? Anyone do this and have good results? --- -- Well, I got the procedure done! Not fun....... READ MORE

fraxel for shallow scars - New Jersey

Amazing! Dr. Rappaport in new jersey was very knowledgeable and a great choice. Had my first fraxel last night and I already see about a 90% improvement in scars on cheeks. I do have to say I pretreated my skin with vitamin c and copper peptides for about a year prior to procedure and I do not know if that helped with scar reduction but I already see a SIGNIFICANT change in skin . Does anyone... READ MORE

Questions from Victoria6043

Very Bad Acne Scarring on Italian American Skin?

Hi, I recently developed deep pitted acne scarring on my italian skin. It started 3 years and its getting progressively worse! I have tried chemical peels, microdermbrasion,... READ MORE

Any doctors in NJ that perform Fat Transfer for scarring successfully?

I'm interested in getting this procedure done. Thanks READ MORE

Next Steps After Excision? Fillers and Fraxel? (Photos)

Do you recommend fillers and fraxel restore? Dermabrasion? Fat Grafting? I attached a photo, you can see more photos of me under my profile. READ MORE

What is the steps after excision, 3 fraxel restores and fillers? (photos)

It was recommended to me to get 2 fraxel repairs done as a final step. I'm unsure if I should get subscision plus fat transfer or fraxel repair ? Thoughts? READ MORE

How many CC's can I handle? (photos)

I am looking for an honest opinion from a plastic surgeon. I am interested in getting 475CC's. One doctor said I shouldn't put that much in because I don't have much breast... READ MORE

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Silicone is the bomb in moderation! READ COMMENT

Yes ma'am. He did the excision and some silicone. He will also be doing laser for the last of red marks READ COMMENT

I'm still healing ! READ COMMENT