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First, No I am not psychic just responding to your comment. Second, there are over 50 reviews on this site and many on other sites. You are right ,this is your review, and I would not tell you what to do. Hopefully in time you will see... READ COMMENT

From what I know it can take 12 weeks for you to see the results. It seems as though you have been very negative from the beginning. Why would you do something you were unsure of? Maybe you should have researched it BEFORE! Perhaps stop... READ COMMENT

Yes, you are 100% right. A burn is much more intense than a welt, and rare. The point I was trying to make is with ALL treatments there are risk. I do not know what caused your burn and I am sorry that it happened. I still believe... READ COMMENT

I have treated over 400 people with Ulthera. It is a VERY safe treatment, however it is true as P13_ski stated ALL treatments have risk. Over all the Ulthera has been extremely safe for most people while giving a great result. To... READ COMMENT

This is NOT the same with Ulthera. READ COMMENT