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Thats the best part! It's only $20. My goal was to try and keep my lashes strong and have more growth. I don't care about length at this point. But so far it's doing what I wanted and you never know..the length might come later! READ COMMENT

So I thought I would update on some results. I have been using double lash for about 3 days. I put it on once in the morning and once at night (even though it only says to put it on at night). I don't use the brush they give me because... READ COMMENT

I went to a beauty store near my house today and bought Mavala Double Lash because the people working there said it worked great. I read many reviews on it also and there are so many great reviews on it. Supposably there are no side... READ COMMENT

If it is natural and actually works that sounds like the best thing I've heard so far! I will research that also and look into buying it. The price is about the same as latisse so that doesn't sound too bad. Thanks so much! READ COMMENT

That does sound great! The problem with my lashes though is that they are falling out so quickly now! I loose so many each day just by washing my face or any slight touch. So I'm nt sure having glue on them is a gret idea for me. Or... READ COMMENT