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I feel exactly like you do. I will be paying this off for years and for what? SO disappointed. Like you said... where do you go from here? I have never even posted a pic because I try and just can't get one that I even feel... READ COMMENT

Hi.... I think you emailed me a while ago and I never responded... unintentionally. Sorry. So I am really disappointed in my nose. I think the tip is smaller also, but the general shape is the same. And I HATE the bridge area. It... READ COMMENT

I totally get what you're saying. Actually, I've been really depressed about it. I don't see that big of a change... and the change I do see is one that seems to change my appearance (through the bridge of the nose and the eyes) that... READ COMMENT

Ok... thanks... will give it a try READ COMMENT

I actually called my doctor's office yesterday and talked to someone and told them I was panicking because I thought my nose was just as big or bigger than before surgery. They insist that I should not be worried... I have to give the... READ COMMENT