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Water Jet Lipo/fat Transfer It Ap - Pensacola, FL

I wanted to do the water jet because it is NOT done under general anesthetic....the doctor told me it would take twice as long (approx 4 hours) to do lipo and the fat transfer to the buttocks ..so it cost $5000 instead of !2500..she said you can only take up to 1000cc if do it under local ...so I researched and wondered If that would be enough.,,my main issue was one round strange lump in... READ MORE

Lip Implant Removal - Lynn Haven, FL

I had upper lip implant done 3 years ago...as time went on it was drawing the top side of my lips in from scar tissue causing lines down each side ..also from the side view it looked duck like...I hated it..so I went to Dr. Ceydeli in Lynn Haven, florida and we discussed removal of the implant and also some scar tissue...done under local anesthetic...it's been four months and I am very happy... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation Revision - Panama City, FL

I had an upper lip augmentation two years ago with Dr B in Destin, Florida..I asked if he would be able to plump up the upper lip without it looking like fish lips or duck lips..he said of course he could...so $3000 later ...the swelling comes down it looks exactly like duck lips, it's fake looking ...they do not plump up as temporary lip fillers do, they just Make your mouth bigger and... READ MORE

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I didn't develop scar tissue from another doctor ... it started when I I thought about doing the valentine procedure and dr Ceydeli said he wanted to take out what was left of the implant, from a doctor in destin, first... it was very... READ COMMENT

This doctor removed a small upper lip implant that was left from several years ago and left my top lip uneven by taking out too much of my own tissue on one side the only option now is filler which is expensive to keep up.. I know... READ COMMENT

He didn't take any pictures , I know many people are happy with their implants, but mine were not good, maybe it was the implant I had, or maybe the procedure the way he did it, I don't know,.,but my top lip was always naturally... READ COMMENT

Did the fat transfer stay in your butt or did you lose it?? READ COMMENT

You look really great...years younger..but $32 K ..wow..who an afford that... READ COMMENT