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37 year old 2nd round lipo


1 Mar 2017, Created 3 months ago

ThIs is my second round of liposuction and I decided to go with Dr. Kadz in Beverly Hills. Before I chose Dr. Kadz I researched several doctors compared work and pricing and since I know of Dr. Kadz due to he performed my mom's beautiful tummy tuck in 2009 that she is very satisfied with and his... READ MORE

Can't Wait for the New Me...- Los Angeles, CA

The reason I have chosen to get a BBL is because I had a child and even though my body is not bad, it is now how it use to be either. I work out and certain things just do not improve like the infamous *pouch*. I am so excited about this procedure. I know it will be an overall success. Ladies, if any of you can give me any tips or pointers please feel free. I'm scared and excited at the... READ MORE

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Hi Karla, I experienced the same thing. Just massage the line out. You can buy foam boards or get a garment that's smoother or wear spanx. I wore spanx and that worked perfect. I changed to spanx after 4 weeks. READ COMMENT

So you have made a decision huh???? Yayyyyyy! Count down..... READ COMMENT

You are very welcome! :) Also thanks for the info on the ultrasonic personal massager. That is now on my list of things to get. Lol Well I know about the work and school. That is #1 on the list so getting it done at a later date is... READ COMMENT

But you know what?? You have a great body right now as far as I can see. Your results are going to be awesome. Your stomache is float so when you get lipo on the sides and the stomache, your waist is going to be so tiny. I cannot wait... READ COMMENT

Oh ok. I see. I am schedule to be 1st. I requested that. I want to bein and out. Well I am doing a lot. I have got a lot of ideas from the site so I have now started buying allof my vitamins, funnel, pillows, sports bras etc. I think I... READ COMMENT