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***Chin Implant*** WARINING** If I Can Help One Person!! I'm In Pain Every Day For 1.5 Years. - Bay Area, CA

Any of you considering a chin implant, if I could go back I would never have done it. I am likely to have nerve damage pain for the rest of my life with many other complications. Doctor's are not going to tell you all the complications. First, they do not know all the horror stories but also telling you a horror story about the procedure is not going to help their practice. Here is what... READ MORE

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I Had Juvederm In My Nose. It Moved to the Side of my Nose and I Want It Taken Away But Its Not Working? (photo)

I had an non-surgical rhynoplasty with Juvederm. The Juvederm moved to the side of my nose. It moved to the left side of my bridge and down the left side. I have gone back for... READ MORE

I Had a Nasal Implant 11 Days Ago. How Long Before I Know I Am in the Clear of an Infection?

Had a nasal implant to build the bridge of my nose 11 days ago. About 15 years ago my nose was broken by a baseball and I had it straightened and a closed rhinoplasty . A... READ MORE

Can Doctors Explain Common Experiences in the Process of Regaining Feeling in the Chin and Lower Lip?

Do Doctors take the time to ask patients about their experience in regaining feeling to the chin and lower lip to help new patients understand what might be the experience from... READ MORE

I Had a Chin Implant 6 Months Ago, I Still Cannot Fully Feel my Lower Lip, What Should I Do?

I had a chin implant 6 months ago, I still cannot fully feel my lower lip. Feeling did return to the skin on my chin, the outside of the lip about 80%, and I can feel the... READ MORE

I had a chin implant a year and 2 months ago. My lower lip has been in pain every day since with a swollen mass. What can I do?

My lower lip first didn't have feeling for > 2 months, then a slight feeling came but with pain. At 3 months a mass started forming and there was more pain. My upper lip had... READ MORE

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Sorry You went through your ordeal. I am going through one myself from a chin implant. Though, I do think Doctor's need to provide proactive follow up calls until they are sure everything from a surgery is fine up to a year out. They... READ COMMENT

Ask other doctor's why they are not willing to do it! There is a reason for that! READ COMMENT

I just had a chin augment 8 weeks ago. I still can't feel my chin and lower lip because the mental nerve is stretched when inserting the implant. See if your doctor tells you that there is very slight chance that you might end up with... READ COMMENT