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I've been using the Aquafor and healing up quickly now. Thanks Again and Good Luck To You Too! READ COMMENT

Improving! I called the spa that did the service. The Nurse insisted that she did not think that I would have such an extreme reaction. She told me to keep the areas very moist. They are starting to flake off and the skin looks... READ COMMENT

For sure. I'm feeling more hopeful. I will definitely keep in touch. Thanks again for your feedback. My boyfriend is being so sweet about it but its hard for him to understand. hoping to be back to you in 2 weeks with happy... READ COMMENT

Hmmm. I just posted and I'm 1 day post and freaking out a bit. I have very dark spots and big dark patches on my face. A nurse practitioner did the IPL. Hoping that they will fade. I normally have good skin. I'm fair but olive... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much. The information you gave me is very helpful. There are blackish spots and line on my face. It has not been 24 hours yet. I'll give it about 10 days and then contact a good dermatologist that I went to in the past... READ COMMENT