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If the neurontin is not working then your dosing is not correct. My Dr actually called the company that makes the cool sculpt and found out that the recommended dose is 300mg. Nothing else can work properly because of the way the cool... READ COMMENT

I know people who have had no pain at all. One of the Drs in my practice had it a week before me and she was in terrible pain as was I. It was debilitating to me and I have had 4 kids including twins without pain. My Dr called Zeltiq... READ COMMENT

I spoke to my Dr who had also experienced the pain. He called the Cool Scuplt company and apparently the dosing of the neurontin/gabapentin needs to be increased from 100mg to 300 mg. as soon as we increased I felt a ton better quickly. READ COMMENT

The neuro tin is not working for me. Hurt so bad I cannot believe it. I can do nothing the pain is that bad. READ COMMENT

Me Too. On day 3 and starting to experience extreme pain and now the Dr's office is closed until tomorrow morning. Almost cannot walk! READ COMMENT