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Ashlyn, Thank Heaven you were diagnosed and this flim-flam quackery treatment didn't stall your surgery. Not all examples will be success stories. My letters to the FDA & FTC have gone ignored (even before the Fed shutdown). Until body... READ COMMENT

I love how our group buddy, ELAD, is still out there banging the drum that this is a proven, effective medical procedure. Is it really, or just expensive laser light quackery? If you're a potential patient trying to determine which... READ COMMENT

Lyric, You totally get it. Yes, you've hit the nail on the head here. The few patience who see positive results obtain those via the water diet and exercise regiment prescribed during the pretreatment "counseling" session. Any and all... READ COMMENT

Interesting points there, Elad. I actually agree with some. Groupon is fantastic, and I can't say enough kind things about them. The "So many Zerona deals" however, have all but dried up. They've been flooded with so many complaints,... READ COMMENT

Hey Folks, Groupon did an investigation, and thanks to the truthful testimonials of this blog and other evidence, have concluded that Zerona is smoke & mirrors quackery. They've refunded my $600, so I'm only out the 10-12 hours of work... READ COMMENT