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Yeah I will, was really strange, felt like it might have been bruised, like I hit it on something, but no bruising, then last night it just opened up, just a hole, dk what's up with that!! READ COMMENT

Aw, I got on here hoping for some encouragement, but not too many new posts!! Went to the doc last week, he said I was healing, had baby skin growing, lol!! Woke up this morning though and a new hole has appeared, from out of nowhere,... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the advice, I suffer with depression and haven't hit rock bottom again, if I don't start with the bad depression, you stay away from the self harm!! I'm glad you're starting to see healing and I'm glad you found a place to... READ COMMENT

Okay I have never done this before, post on a msg board I mean!! Had my first surgery Mar 15. Had a lot of separation, at the t and also around my nipple. Had breast reduction revision surgery Apr. 19 and now I'm starting to see... READ COMMENT