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Age 59, Seems to Have Helped a Lot

I just turne 59 and had been thinkng about this for a long time. I canceled two appointsments in the past year out of fear. I have always had really good skin except for dynamic wrinkles .But for two years I have been grieving the loss of two loved ones. Nothing in this world ages you like grief... READ MORE

Questions from Jane56

Can Pearl Laser Help Moderate Upper Lip Lines?

I have lines on my upper lip. They are not noticeable except in bright sunlight. The office where I inquired was cautious, but said they would do a mild Pearl laser... READ MORE

Restylane for Dynamic Wrinkles?

I have some dynamic wrinkles above the lip on one side only. I was told by a friend who uses Restylane for upper lip wrinkles that with time, it also helped the dynamic... READ MORE

Dot Laser on Whole Face for Lip Lines?

I have mild to moderate upper lip lines. My dermatolist told me he could soften these with Dot laser. He does not want to do just the lip lines because of demarcation lines. ... READ MORE

Over The Years Incisors Have Become "Fang Teeth"--Should I Get Bonding or Veneers?

At sixty, my incisor teeth have become more pronounced. They were always fangs, but now it seems the space between them and other teeth is wider and they look even more pointed... READ MORE

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It sounded like you had a terrible time with this laser. Are you glad you had this done? Did it help? I have been to this doctor for injections. READ COMMENT

I hope things are better now. I read your story and felt so bad for you. Just wanted to say that I think you are quite beautiful before AND after the procedures. You have youth on your side and I really believe that time will help... READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for your detailed review. It could very well have saved me a lot of heartache. READ COMMENT

You look so pretty! I admire you for getting this done when you were young. Those of us in our fifties and sixties did not have these options for the most part. I'm a big believer if there is something that really bothers you, get it... READ COMMENT