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20 yrs old - 120 lbs 5'4.5 - athletic - 375cc/400cc - mentor silicone unders - BWD 13.1cm

I'm a 20 year old young women with no kids. I wear a 36B but they no longer fit me because I lost a lot of weight. I'm more of an A cup. I weigh 120pounds and I'm 5'4. I have big areolas and I hate them. I hate the size of my boobs and every since two years ago I've wanted breast implants so bad. Tomorrow and next week I have a consultation to find out pricing. I'm super excited to make this... READ MORE

Questions from ittybittytitty11

How can I lower my risks of getting a CC?

One of my main concerns of all for when I get my BA is developing a capsular contracture. How can I lower my risks of getting one? I do smoke cigarettes and i'm very active. READ MORE

Is Mod plus right for me or should I get HP? Natural look wanted. (photos)

I saw a surgeon, he said MPP is best for me because I want the natural look. Sometimes I see girls with MP and think it's too saggy, others it looks great.. I don't want the... READ MORE

How long after BA do you need to wait to have sex?

How long do I need to wait to have sex? I'm nervous my boyfriend will hurt them by squeezing them too much. READ MORE

How do I know if my PS is a good one?

What certain qualifications should I look for before choosing a PS? The one I wanted has 20+ years of expierence and board certified. READ MORE

Will I have ugly boobs after my surgery?

I have little cleavage, wide gap, and my boobs aren't nice as of now.. Will they look better after surgery? Can the surgeon fix the cleavage? READ MORE

What is wrong with my boobs and will a BA help? (Photos)

Hello doctor. My BA is March 16th, which I can't be happier about. My question is, do I have tuberous breasts and is my cleavage too wide to be fixed? My PS said that he knows... READ MORE

Is this normal to feel?

My pre op is in about a week, little over and supposed to bring my boyfriend because I need another pair of eyes and someone to help choose a good size. Only thing is, i've... READ MORE

Saline or silicone?

I want silicone implants, I'm 20 years old i'm aware that it's not FDA approved and fully aware of the risks, but as my BA gets closer i'm rethinking... What if something Does... READ MORE

So confused with mod plus and HP! Want a natural look. (photos)

I want moderate plus because I want the natural look not fake but sometimes I see mod + and they are a little saggy and not too much upper pole, and sometimes i see HP and like... READ MORE

Can I smoke cigarettes two weeks before? I'm getting a breast aug.

I'm a smoker and it's really hard for me to quit - I'm getting a breast aug in two weeks and today I need to quit but I feel like it's gonna be super difficult. Am i supposed... READ MORE

MDMA 14 days before Breast Augmentation?

Ummm, So I never do drugs and I actually did MDMA the night before my pre-op appointment and totally forgot to mention it to my surgeon. It was before my two weeks and before I... READ MORE

What size would be right for me? (Photos)

I had my pre-op and choose 350/375 but now i'm thinking maybe I should go with 375/400. Will there be much of a difference really? I'm 5'4.5 and 120-123 pounds flunctuating,... READ MORE

Is there something wrong with my vagina lips? (Photos)

I've always been told that the lips of my vagina are bigger than others and some girls have small ones, and they are all tucked in. Is there something wrong with mine??? I've... READ MORE

I'm getting my surgery in 5 days. Can I drink this weekend?

Hi. I have my BA in 5 days, Thursday (March 16) and wondering if I can drink a little wine. Also, wondering as well if I can drink an energy drink. Thank you! READ MORE

Can I please eat protein pancakes? (Photos)

My BA is in 2 days, i'm confused why i can't have protein. I understand protein powder and protein drinks and shakes, but everything has protein in it. I eat luna bars that... READ MORE

Why did my PS tell me to avoid protein shakes?

So i asked my PS if i an drink protein shakes and protein pancakes He told me no and to avoid it up to two weeks. I just had my ba Btw, well why is this ? I thought it helps... READ MORE

One day post-op, is pain ad numbness normal? (Photos)

I had my BA this morning and wondering it's normal to feel a lot of pain and numbness around the boob skin area near my arm part. My sternum is soooo sore too! Is something... READ MORE

Surgery was done on March 16, 2017, and still experiencing pain.

Today is my second day post op, I think. I was having excruciating pain the last few days. I wake up with my boobs super hard and shooting pain, I have strong pain meds but I... READ MORE

Am I moving my arms too much? (Photo)

Had my BA 2 days ago. I have people taking care of me, but I do find myself making my own coffee or opening some cabinets bc I had telling others to do for me. Whenever i try... READ MORE

My incision on my left breast hurts. Is this bad?

Where my left incision is on my left breast, hurts so much. It is painful and stings sometimes into my boob. Is this bad? I had my surgery 3 days ago. READ MORE

I'm worrying about the pain I'm having. Does everything look normal? (Photo)

3 days PO and worrying about the pain i'm having. Where my incisions are on my left boob, keeps hurting and tingling, then shooting pain. I take my pain meds but the feeling is... READ MORE

4 days post op. Left breast is tighter then right and sometimes has shooting pain. (Photos)

Is it normal that my left is tighter then my right breast? The incision also hurts on my left boob. Also, i've seen girls on this app 4 days PO and there's have already started... READ MORE

What could it possibly be? (Photo)

I had my BA 6 days ago and recently near my right incision there's a sore spot. Is it bruising that's internal or somethin serious? It hurts to touch it. I saw my doctor today... READ MORE

One week PO with tight breasts. When will the tightness go away? (photo)

Today is one week PO and they aren't really "hard" I can touch them together, but they feel hard because they are SO tight on my chest and sore. Especially massages make them... READ MORE

Am I healing well? One is sitting higher than the other (Photo)

I am 11 days post op. One is sitting higher than the other. Is this normal? My right breast seems to be more sore than my left as well. When I do my massages, they soften up... READ MORE

Guess I should just think the absolute worst; smoking after surgery?

I am FREAKING out. I haven't smoked cigarettes for a month but last night (2 weeks PO) I did smoke cigarettes. Because I was drinking. I never ever drink. because of this, I... READ MORE

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Is it normal to be scared as hell for your BA and think the absolute worst?

I was excited before I found out all the negatives of a BA. I'm scheduled for one in March and super nervous now. I don't want to develop a CC, hematoma, or any of that. I am a... READ MORE

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