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Hi LaurelC, A bit off topic but I believe that I have different kinds of cellulite. The "banded kind" on my upper back thighs that I have had since puberty... The "dimples kind" on my thighs and bum that gets worse with age... And... READ COMMENT

A bit off topic but I think I have different kinds of cellulite and some are more helped by cellulaze than others. I had cellulaze on the "banded kind" on my upper thighs (back) that I've had since puberty without much improvement (if... READ COMMENT

Hello there, I am amazed at your front and side results. They look completely different. So smooth! I had the backs of my legs done over 3 months ago with minimal results (so far, still hoping). I have wanted to do the fronts &... READ COMMENT

Glad you made it through Double P, not too bad eh? But man those numbing shots were the worst! My soreness is still hanging around at 3 weeks. Obviously it gets better day by day but I still can't run/jump without a little... READ COMMENT

Thanks! I appreciate it. I had hoped to look great for the summer but I still have the sides & front to do before that will happen. I guess it's still bermuda shorts for me this summer:) READ COMMENT