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Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty - Palos Verdes, CA

I broke my nose at 14- I needed immediate surgery to realign my nose and sinus cavity. The plastic and reconstructive surgeon told me that it wasn't going to look pretty- I would likely have a hump on my nose and that I would need a second surgery once my nose had healed to correct the cosmetic and breathing aspects. At 16, I went ahead with an open rhinoplasty and I'm so happy I did.... READ MORE

Juvederm XC For Lips

I am still trying to decide if I like my lips. I literally had no lips prior and people thought I looked mad when relaxed (because my lips turned down naturally). A friend referred me to her nurse who is allegedly an "expert" with injectables so I decided to go for it. During my consult, the doctor glossed over the downtime, saying that it would not be painful at all- she did... READ MORE

Questions from ch0821

Cartilage Graft in Nose to Correct Dimple?

I had rhinoplasty about 10 years ago after I broke my nose. Recently, I noticed a dimple/depression on the left side of nose (near turbinate). Not sure what caused it, but my... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Needed? (photo)

I have been unhappy with my nose, especially the tip as it has two bumps (bossae) and appears twisted when looked at straight on. I also recently had a cartilage graft to... READ MORE

What Are These Weird Droops in Center of Lip After Juvederm? (photo)

Had juvy in my lips for the second time. I've recently noticed these weird droopy sacs in the center of my lip that definitely weren't there before. What is this? Is it a... READ MORE

Itchy, puffy lower eyelid 6 hours after Botox for crows feet.

I had Botox for crows feet for the third time today. A few hours after the injection, my eyelids (lower) began to puff and itch and look excessively dark. I also have a slight... READ MORE

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Was this your first time getting injections? It was for me, so that accounts for why I had a longer healing period. Lips are very vascular so the reason for the lumps/bruising is likely because the needle struck a vein. It will take... READ COMMENT

They were tender for the first two weeks, so I was careful not to press them together. I actually found drinking through a straw to be easier (especially in the beginnning when they were REALLY bruised and swollen) because I had a hard... READ COMMENT

***UPDATE*** It has now been 4 weeks and I'm SO happy with the results. The swelling and lump went away and they look perfect. In fact, I wish they were a little bigger haha. I think the key for a successful experience is to good to a... READ COMMENT

OMG i'm so happy to know you're experiencing what I am! My lips were soo uneven and lumpy looking for the first few weeks. There's one area where I can literally feel a little ball- I was so worried that I was going to have to dissolve... READ COMMENT

It's been about two weeks since I've had them injected. Everyone is different, but definitely be prepared for some downtime. The first few days I looked like a freak! The swelling on the underside is only noticeable if I open my mouth... READ COMMENT