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Consultation only: Not As Nice As Everyone Says - Dallas, TX

So I go all the way to Dallas to have a rushed consultation with Dr. Cochran. I had high expectations because everyone keeps saying "hes so nice! blah blah blah!" hes NORMAL hes not going out of his way to be nice. If you look at my pics in my other reviews you can see my nose and what I want done, I wrote Dr. Cochran an email asking him what other option are there for making my nostril... READ MORE

Consultation Only - Arrogant Doctor - San Diego, CA

I've had a rhinoplasty from a different doctor which left me with a nose that didn't function well and I don't like the way it looks. I did my research and found Dr. Hilinski and thought he would be really good. I had been emailing him questions and he would get right back to me (now I think it was the manager writing me back). I thought he would be really nice and I asked how much a typical... READ MORE

Questions from butterfly3443

Cant Breathe Well a Year After Rhinoplasy/Septoplasty/Submucous?

Cant Breathe Well a Year After Rhinoplasy/Septoplasty/Submucous .... Something. I had my ENT doctor do a nose job on me because I wanted a smaller nose, he also said I had a... READ MORE

Since I have thick skin doctors can't use cartilage grafts in my nose to make it so I can breathe again. Any suggestions?(photo)

After 2 failed rhinoplasties I can no longer breathe. I went to see Dr. Hilinski in San Diego, he didn't examine me very thoroughly and he said the only way I'll be able to... READ MORE

My doctor took the bulbous out of my tip. Can a rhinoplasty specialist give me a tip back? (photo)

My doctor seems to have completely taken the tip of my nose away, I HATE it. Can a rhinoplasty specialist give me a tip back? READ MORE

I have overly reduced nose, thick skin, can no longer breathe. What can be done? (photos)

My nose got overly reduced, and among other problems the biggest is my breathing, I feel like someone is pinching my nose all the time and the walls of my nose are always... READ MORE

Does it sound like I have empty nose syndrome? (photo)

I got a nasoseptalplasty and a bilateral submucous resection turbinates 4 years ago. He also changed the shape of my nose drastically and made it way to small. I can no longer... READ MORE

What can be done about a nostril that has been reduced too much and has collapsed? I have very thick skin (Photo)

My right nostril was cut way more than my left. The only thing a very good surgeon has said that can be done is to cut into the skin (columella) the same nostril on the inside... READ MORE

Why does no doctor want to help me? Why do they not realize I cant go through life wearing Breathe Right Strips? (photo)

I've had 1 rhino in the past and he took out too much cartilage so now I can't breathe. Dr.Hilinski-Told me he would raise the bridge but it might not help and that I should... READ MORE

After a failed rhinoplasty I've lost all airflow through my right nostril even wearing a breathright strip. (photos)

I look at doctors that specialize in only rhinoplasty/revisions and I get excited but then I dig a little deeper and find horrific reviews on them. I need a surgeon that's... READ MORE

Cannot breathe after fail Rhinoplasty 4 yrs ago. 10% airflow from right nostril, 50% airflow on the left. Any suggestion?(photo)

I've been to 4 doctors now, none of them have said I have collapsed valve, but I cannot breathe. They all tell me to live with it, there is nothing they can do. And its not... READ MORE

Who is considered the best rhinoplasty revision specialist in the United States?

I know this question has been asked but I think there needs to be an updated one. READ MORE

Who are the rhinoplasty revision specialists in the United States?

I need an ENT and facial plastic surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty revisions. It doesn't seem like many are out there. Please refer me to some besides Cochran, Hilinski,... READ MORE

Is being on Nasacort the rest of your life bad for you?

I got a rhinoplasty by my ENT doctor 4 years ago, I cannot breathe in addition to my nose being hideous. Nasacort is the only thing that seems to help and keep me sane. Things... READ MORE

How much different is a revision rhino from a primary rhino?

Wondering what the differences are from a primary rhinoplasty and a revision rhinoplasty. I see doctors say its almost a completely different surgery. Is this true? READ MORE

Any Rhinoplasty revision specialist in Arizona?

I'm trying to find a revision rhinoplasty specialist in Arizona. But I'm having a really hard time. Seems like all the good doctors are in California but that's so inconvenient... READ MORE

Nasal Valve Collapse. What are my options?

Had rhinoplasty/septoplasty, I could breathe fine before this, now I have to wear Breath Right strips to feel normal. I have very thick skin and was told spreader grafts would... READ MORE

What is this graft sticking out and why is it moving? (photo)

My ENT surgeon put some tip graft in the collumella and now I see it sticking out and moving around, why did he put that there and can I get it out? what will happen if I have... READ MORE

Can my tip be normal again? (Photo)

ENT doctor did horrible job on my tip. Didn't tell me he was going to take all that cartilage out. Now it has those ugly lines on the sides of the tip, looks disgusting. What... READ MORE

Does open rhinoplasty really destroy important arteries that carry oxygen in that area? (Photo)

After a horrible failed rhinoplasty I'd like to get my columella tucked in, its hanging now because some weird strut grafts my doctor used when I didn't even need them, now it... READ MORE

How long should a typical Rhinoplasty Revision take? I'm seeing on here some people are under for up to 7 hours? (photos)

Is 5-7 hours typical for a revision rhinoplasty? How dangerous is it to be under general anesthesia for that long? READ MORE

Can I get this columella strut graft out? (photos)

My ENT doctor did my nose and did alot of stuff we NEVER talked about. I had a pretty flat columella and now its poking out and I can actually see it now. It makes my columella... READ MORE

Do spreader grafts really widen your nose? (Photo)

After a failed primary rhinoplasty, I cannot breathe without Breathe Right strips on. If I don't have one on it feels like someone or something is pinching my nose all the time... READ MORE

Can nostril dilatory stretch out your skin?

Hello, i have had 1 rhinoplasty that left me unable to breathe. I was tired of spending so much money on BreatheRight strips so I bought a dilator. It's silicon and was a bit... READ MORE

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Photos coming soon?? That was 4 months ago! READ COMMENT

I understand where your coming from, and your not happy. But at least you show pictures because that's what helps, in my opinion no pictures = they can't back it up READ COMMENT

I just think it's messed up to write this review and tell people that have no place left to go to stay away from him. With zero proof that he messed up. This could very well be another office who needs business READ COMMENT

Labrador.. your nose looks fantastic in my opinion READ COMMENT

Screw you RealSelf you delete all comments that make sense, I didn't swear I didn't say anything wrong. Again if this review has no pictures it's probably FAKE! READ COMMENT