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Okaay, so I have been debating on this surgery for a long time and I finally decided its a yes. I have researched multiple Dr. and Salama has been by far the most sucessful in my eyes. I live in California and I would love to find a local Dr. but, I want great results and the California Dr. dont have as much experience and most of them cost twice as much. I found Dr. Hegg and he is booked and... READ MORE

Questions from Nalgona7

Had An Umbilical Hernia Repaired Three Years Ago. Will it Be A Problem When I Get My BBL?

I had a umbilical hernia repaired three years ago as well as a c-section. My skin is not saggoy but it is fat. Will the hernia repair scar be a problem when i do the bbl? Will... READ MORE

Why Does the Fat Removed from Lipo Have to Be Processed Before Used in the Bbl?

I was told some dr. Process and purify the fat prior to using it in the bbl. I recently read of a DR. that does not. Is this unorthodox and is it safe? is processed fat more... READ MORE

Bbl and Garments. Reasons For Doctor Recommending Different Types?

What is the reason that some dr, Reccomend the garments with the buttocks exposed while others choose the regular garment that squishes your butt and covers READ MORE

Is It Possible to Loose Volume and then Gain It Back?

I've read many reviews where women post the measurement and the measurements fluctuate around the 2-5 week. Why is that? some loose volume and gain it back a week or two later READ MORE

Skin Correction with out Muscle Repair?

I recently had a bbl, i choose not to have the tummy tuck and now regret it. I have a small area by my belly button that lifts up slightly, is it possible to remove this excess... READ MORE

Finding a new doctor for Round 2 BBL after death of surgeon?

I had a bbl and lipo in August 2012. I had a bbl done in August of last year. The results were good, but I'm not satisfied. I spoke to my doctor and he stated, i should wait a... READ MORE

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fat transfer or implants

Im looking into both now, but i was wondering what looks better. Also, has anyonheard of DR. Stanley Hegen  in san leandro? READ MORE

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It's better than before but not as big as I would have liked. I'm working on my abs. I've been wearing my garment and as soon as I take it off, I feel bloated. I'm checking in with him this week and I'm going to ask him about round two... READ COMMENT

Same thing happened to me, I noticed the depressive state a mind is a trend. Hang in there. READ COMMENT

I've lost sooo much volume! its sad! im going on my fourth week on wednesday...:( READ COMMENT

I love the shape. My butt has gone down considerably and my tummy is still swollan. The dr. said its too early to tell. i just dont want the butt to shrink anymore :( READ COMMENT

So, the surgery went well, the first day was horrible and im in so much pain still. I can get myself comfortable. my booty is nice, i dont want it to go down anymore! its been a little over a week and drove for 15 min. I HATE this garmet'! READ COMMENT