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I live in montreal canada and I searched up good orthodontists ! And consulted with them and saw who would give me a good price and payment plan and chose the one that was more experienced ! READ COMMENT

Wow... Is it just me or do I see a huge difference between per treatment and week 3 ?! Your tooth got straightened , the front left!! I have my left tooth outabd I'm going to get invisilign soon, I want it pushed back because it is... READ COMMENT

Ohh okay same here he said a year as well but I have an ugly overbite -.- so I hope he does not tell me after a year another few months, I really want atleast the front tooth to go back I can't even smile READ COMMENT

Omg my teeth looks do much like years I didn't get my trays but will in about 6 weeks ! I really hate my front tooth sticking out :( and the crowding of the bottom teeth, how long did yours take to become straight or less crooked ? READ COMMENT