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Well, I'm almost 4 weeks out from my IPL & I'm in a much better place. Everything did eventually come off after about a week and a half. Then I was left with a white grid pattern all over. At week 3 I went back to see her & she... READ COMMENT

YES!!! I'm freaking out! It is very surface no blistering, but boxes like a grid on my checks & jawline. I'm 48 hrs post treatment, and I can feel my face tightening, but I just want to know that the boxes r going to flake away as... READ COMMENT

Nate with your hyperpigmintation could u see the square outline of the tool that was used? I am trying to figure out if my reaction is similar to yours. It sounds like I may be suffering from hyperpigmintation, but I'm not sure. I'm in... READ COMMENT