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MELANAGE Chemical Peel Hurts but is GREAT! - Baton Rouge, LA

I had this done in October.. The first week was tough. Like the worst sunburn you ever had, with swelling and tightness. It subsided just like a sunburn would and afterwards my skin was GLOWING! My freckles were faded a lot (but not gone completely). I have worn SPF 70 with a hat and sunglasses since having it done and my freckles HAVE come back, SO, this is definitely a once a year thing... READ MORE

I Just Had CoolSculpting on Lower Tummy & "Love Handles"! - Mandeville, LA

Hi! I am a 34 female. I am 5'10 & 145 lbs. I jog 2 miles a day, 6x per week but can never get rid of my stubborn muffin or poochy lower belly after 2 precious children and 2 c-sections! I finally did CoolSculpt yesterday! The hips/muffin only hurt for a few seconds when the vacuum sucked the fat in. She put it on the HIGHEST level because I am on the thin side and we wanted the... READ MORE

Am I Over-researching This? -

I breasted fed 2 beautiful children for over a year each. I finished 8 months ago and am left with saggy and deflated A cups. When i used to be a nice full B. I hide from myself in the mirror and my own husband. I was so excited to schedule this surgery! I need a lift and silicone implants....with thin tissue and at 5ft 10 inches and thin, my surgeon said saline would most likely not work well... READ MORE

Questions from writermommy

Do Breast Implants Cause a Rare Form of Lymphoma?

I am considering breast augmentation. I am rest-assured from what I have read that they do not cause breast cancer, but now I am reading 2011 research (pubmed.gov) that... READ MORE

Would You Feel Safe Giving Your Mother, Sister, Daughter, or Grandmother Silicone Implants?

Hi! I am considering breast augmentation. I REALLY really want to do this after two years of breastfeeding! I am a thin woman, with thin tissue and my surgeon has recommended... READ MORE

Since It Has Been a Year, is There Any Updated Information on ALCL & Breast Implants?

I have read on this board that ALCL is NOT associated with Smooth Walled implants, which is reassuring to me, but the FDA data says that the texture information is only... READ MORE

Seroma or Normal Fluid Under the Nipple 3 Weeks Post Op?

Hi! I am 3 weeks post-op (breast augmentation, submuscular) and noticed a few days ago that my nipples (one more than the other) seem squishy and like there is fluid/water... READ MORE

Do I need a nose job for a more feminine look? (photo)

I have always disliked my profile. My nose looks okay sometimes, but since I was 12, I despised my profile and desired a little sloped nose. Is it too strong for my face? Would... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Vs. Vaser Shape?

Does Coolsculpting or Vaser Shape have better/longer lasting results assuming a healthy exercise and diet plan is followed? I've had Coolsculpting done and was happy, but I am... READ MORE

Why isn't Vanquish working on me?

Hi! I had 4 45-minute vanquish treatments about 2 months ago and see absolutely no results yet! I am fit, with isolated fat in tummy and flanks. I run 3-5 x per week and... READ MORE

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*will do flanks again :) READ COMMENT

My abs were extremely painful as well but if it helps, the flanks did not hurt nearly as much during and not at all after. My abs were horrible...I will never do them again but I ail do the flanks again!! What is strange is I had... READ COMMENT

Northshore Plastic Surgery in Mandeville. Dr. Boudreaux...this was a special price he ran that month. It is normally around $2300 I believe. READ COMMENT

I think it will work for the love handles too. I think the stomach is just so much more sensitive! It didn't hurt nearly as bad on the love handles as it did the tummy. It was excrutiating for me! My love handles are numb, but still no... READ COMMENT

I have been using sunscreen EVERY DAY diligently since my early 20's, but I still am getting fine lines not from sun damage, but from smiling! Only Botox will fix that! That may be my next endeavor ;) READ COMMENT