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Scuba Diving & Roller coasters!!!!

This may be a strange question, but I'm a keen scuba diver. I had a full tt, lipo of my back and flanks as well as fat transfer to butt on August 1 2012. I am now a little over... READ MORE

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And the tummy tuck came out amazing, she did a great job, and she did MAJOR lipo on my back and flanks area..The butt could be better, it has a much better shape she gave me hips and its round but its not as big as I wanted. But I also... READ COMMENT

I did tummy tuck, lipo of the back and flanks along with the fat transfer...the doctor that took my drain out was a GS or general surgeon. When he removed the drain he told me that there might be a risk of developing a seroma but he... READ COMMENT

Oh and I also had my drain in for an entire month because I was draining excessively, she sent me home with it and I emailed her pictures of the drain fluid every 3 days as well as the amount, after 4 weeks a doctor here removed. I... READ COMMENT

Sorry you had this horrible experience but I went to her any she did a great job on me and 3 other girls that were there. She seemed very caring and concerned with us, I will admit she is VERY busy and does get caught up in other things... READ COMMENT

Also this is a link to the website ..I also have links to other credentialing agencies that I use, message me if you'd like more information. As I have said before I encourage all prospective patients to make informed decisions.... READ COMMENT