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I'm sure you will find this less painful and more rewarding than all you have been through over the last two years. I am also a GTA resident. i am 5 months post surgery and loving it. Good luck READ COMMENT

Well I did end up having a TT after all. On may 23rd. So far so good. Thanks for the encouragement and I'm glad I did it. Still have my drains in but I think my stomach is going to look awesome. Everyone's comments and dramatic change... READ COMMENT

Thanks Maggie for your encouragement. I did end up going for the lollipop style after all. Less scaring and from pics I've seen of yours and from others, gives a good result. Don't have too much pain, but a lot of bruising as my PS does... READ COMMENT

Thanks so much PippaTN for sharing. Showed my husband what the scars might look like on my tummy. He just shivered! Don't want to gross him out, but he needs to know ahead. READ COMMENT

Now that it is over a year, do you regret your surgery? How bad is the pain during the first week? I could tell by my PS's face that I'm going to be "one hurtin unit". Thinking of only having the breast lift/reduction and skipping the... READ COMMENT