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How is the Le Mer??? Any irratation? there is NOTHING I can use under my eyes since this when I want to try and make it look bettr as i said it is not there every day any more but at least once a week.... READ COMMENT

Right on sister!!!! its two years for me WHAT IS UP???It goes away then comes back at will sometimes I look great the next day I can wake up and the eye is red and swollen???? READ COMMENT

It is now 2 YEARS!!!!! It still comes and goes I can go weeks and look fine then I just wake up with one swollen eye and puffy WTF????? READ COMMENT

Hate to tell you this girls but...its 14 months and my eyes ae just starting to look a little beteer! I did not get my money back I only spent 400..I was fine before it, I just went for botox (which I love and get regularly) I was... READ COMMENT

Hey Ladies, go back a page or two and read a few of my posts I have like 5 or 6. Know your PAIN and feel for you! I am on month 5 almost and still have the ONE (thnk god only one) swollen puffy red eye and yes it does make you look... READ COMMENT