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Botox Spreading to Neck?

I had Botox 4 days ago in my chin for dimpling and around the eyes. The eyes are fine and I am happy with them but I am concerned about my chin area. On day 3 under my chin... READ MORE

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TineCT~My effects were the worse the first 2 weeks. After that a tiny bit better over the next two weeks. Then not so much the last 2 weeks. I am going on week 6. My face isn't as tight feeling this week is the only thing I notice for... READ COMMENT

We do it because we want to "look" how we feel on the inside :) Dang Father time and gravity ruin it for us, lol. Well I learned a lesson at least to be thankful for how I look without botox even if it makes me look a little older... READ COMMENT

Dglet "I'm so sorry for the unhappy botox event. I am living it myself right now and the first week I read every thread here. It has been very helpful to me to come here for comfort. I am at week 4 of my ugly event. I had my chin... READ COMMENT

So happy to hear your doing better and enjoyed a family dinner~ you needed that! I have not seen improvement around my mouth yet but I am not quite 3 weeks out so its comforting hearing "improvement" stories. Good luck with the... READ COMMENT

I am on day 13 of my Botox nightmare so it sounds like we got injected at the same time. Mine was around the eyes which was ok with no drooping but my issue is the dr did a chin injection which has been a nightmare. I hope yours starts... READ COMMENT