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Had Chin Implant 10 Years Ago, Just Now Have A Burning/Tingling Sensation?

I had a chin implant placed 10 yrs ago which was slightly assymetrical. Over 1and1/2 yrs ago I had some Sculptra placed around my chin to make it look a bit more symetrical.... READ MORE

If I Remove a 12 y/o Chin Implant Due to Infection, Can I Use a Filler and Get Nice Results?

I had a chin implant placed 12years ago that is most likely now infected, if I get it removed can I inject juvederm to fill in where the implant used to be and still get a nice... READ MORE

Sculptra On Chin Now Have Granulomas. What Do They Look Like?

I have some large granulomas that have formed after having sculptra around my chin. Can these granulomas be seen on an x-ray? If so what will they look like? READ MORE

Sculptra Removal. How Do I Break Down The Nodules So The Discomfort Goes Away?

I thought my problem was with my chin implant placed over 12 yrs ago, its been sore at times over the last 2 weeks., I got a ct scan today, bone looks good, implant looks good.... READ MORE

How can chin implant biofilm be treated? Can it be reduced with antibiotic or heat? Can it be ignored if symptoms are mild?

My chin implant was done 15 years ago and over the last 4 yrs after a sculptra injection in the area I started feeling intermittent tightness/soreness & developed very... READ MORE