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Sleeve Success

I have been overweight my entire life. I tried every diet known to man. I've always exercised pretty regularly. I'm an active person but somehow was never able to maintain a healthy weight. After years of trying everything I decided to have the sleeve. It was the best thing I've ever done! I successfully lost 105lbs. I maintain a weight loss of around 100lbs. I wanted to add some pictures... READ MORE

Post Gastric Sleeve Massive Weight Loss - The Woodlands, TX

It's been almost two years since my gastric sleeve procedure. I've lost over 100lbs and could lose another 20-30 possibly before plastic surgery. 4'9" HW was 258, CW155. Hoping to have a belt lipectomy, breast lift, arm and inner thigh surgery as well. I'm trying to determine when would be the most ideal time to have surgery based on weight, which surgery I would need (TT vs TBL), if I should... READ MORE

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I'm feeling much better! I'm still having trouble sleeping but that's not abnormal for me, I had that problem with the last surgery also. I did take some pictures but at this point I can't see much of a difference in size because I'm... READ COMMENT

I am doing much better. My arms and legs are finally healed. I do still have daily swelling which is normal. And my scars look very pink but I know it'll get better. Good luck at your consult!! Take your time and ask all the questions... READ COMMENT

Thanks! Before my VSG I didn't have many actual health issues. I wanted to lose weight before I reached that inevitable future. My blood pressure is normal and I would say slightly better, blood sugars have always been normal. The big... READ COMMENT

I surprisingly didn't have any muscle tightening so standing up straight for me happened pretty quickly. Maybe 2-3 months. I was still wearing my compression garment about 14 hours of the day before this surgery. And now I wear tight... READ COMMENT

I'm still swelling a little by the end of the day. I can't wear the garment I was wearing before this surgery. I'm wearing longer yoga pants that are tight enough for my legs and my stomach. Otherwise it's great! The scar above my belly... READ COMMENT