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Imagine a red hot match head being held against your skin. That is what Thermage is like. Even with 'numbing' cream it was excruciating. I had it around my eyes and forehead. There was some improvement but it didn't last long. If you have a lot of sagging or wrinkles you won't be able to tell a difference. For the money I would save up and get a brow lift. READ MORE

Radiesse, Lumpy Lips

I had Radiesse injections for lip enhancement and facial folds three weeks ago, and I have a large nodule inside my mouth and lots of smaller ones. It also looks like I am getting some lumpiness from the outside. The manufacturer website says they DONT RECOMMEND FOR LIPS! So why do doctors use it? I am so mad. I have an appointment to have the big nodule cut out next week, And the worst... READ MORE