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How I Cured my Melasma....Naturally

There are many members in this forum who have gotten rid of their melasma by external means (i.e. creams, acids, lasers) and I’m very happy for them. Sadly, I wasn’t so lucky. Over the past 20 years, I’ve tried almost everything: 4% Hidroquinone, Cosmelan 2, Nivea cream, citric acid peels, intense pulse lasers, spent lots of $$$ and still my blotches wouldn’t budge. My melasma was classif... READ MORE

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Why Do I Wake Up with a Swollen Spot on the Malar Bone After Blepharopasty and Mid-face Lift?

Today is the one month anniversary of my upper and lower blepharoplasty and mid-face surgery. Healing is proceeding as expected. However, my concern right now is this extra... READ MORE

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Has Anyone Tried Vitamin K Cream to Speed Up Bruise Healing?

I’m a newbie so I may be wrong when I say that I haven’t read anywhere in this forum that Vitamin K cream is the bomb when it comes to making deep bruises disappear... READ MORE

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Hi Jazmin, I began to see improvement around 6 months. It sounds like a long time, but my treatment evolved over time until I found the right combination of sups. I remember that I noticed the biggest improvement when I added Colostrum... READ COMMENT

Ladies, In case you're wondering whether you have superficial or deep dermal melasma, here's an interesting test I found online that you can perform yourself to find out what type of melasma you have. How Severe is Your Melasma? "One of... READ COMMENT

Hi Mandy, You're following the right approach by consulting your naturopath doctor. I didn't consult mine because he practices conventional medicine so he doesn't believe in alternative medicine. I'm glad you're feeling much better. As... READ COMMENT

Takemymask, First, let me clarify that both colostrum and whey increase levels of glutathione which is considered a master antioxidant but I actually prefer colostrum b/c it strengthens the immune system as well. I let them dissolve... READ COMMENT

Takemymask, Sorry to say I didn't do cardio workouts during or after treatment. The sole purpose of my regimen was to eradicate my melasma and not a happy side effect. BTW, If you suspect your adrenals are one of your melasma triggers... READ COMMENT