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Worth It if You Can Keep Doing It Every 4 or 5 Months

It does improve somewhat the lines around the mouth. However after about 5 months or less you need to do it again. And it is PAINFUL no matter what the doctor says. I have had it done by different doctors. SOme are able to perform with less pain than others. But either way it is painful. I have done it for the nasolabial lines around nose. Cant imagine how some women will do this on... READ MORE

Questions from lilaclily

Was Juvederm for Nasolabial Fold Worth It for You?

After using Juvederm for Nasolabial folds, do you as a patient think its worth it? I keep being told it can last up to 9 months but so far its been no more than 4 or 5 months.... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Have an Implant Placed in Nasolabial Folds?

I know for the most part doctors love for clients to have to keep coming in for refills. I wonder why this option has not been used more, both for nasolabial and also for cheek... READ MORE

Does the Weight from the Filler Drag Down the Face After a While?

Just wondering for cheeck fillers, if the muscle drags down more after a while because of this weight. READ MORE

How Long Does Facial Plastic Surgery Last

I cant believe that no one else has asked, but cannot find it in the forum. I know everyone is different. However, say the person maintains the same weight and takes care of... READ MORE

Nasolabial Injection Fillers Hurt, Is There Anything I Can Do To Prevent Pain?

I keep getting doctors that say it dosent but i dont think they use the right thing to numb the area. I am thinking of not doing it anymore. Life is short. Before i give up,... READ MORE

What Do You Recommend when Teeth Are Naturally Yellow and Professional Lighteners Dont Help?

My teeth are fine so i really dont want to go to veneers. However, professional lightenening have not really improved it very much. READ MORE

Yellow Enamel. I Have Done the Tray Thing That Doctor Sold?

However it did not work My teeth are still yellow. I am afraid of veneers because they ruin teeth. Is there any way to paint a tooth or anything new? READ MORE

Permanent Makeup Lash Enhancer After Eyelid Lift?

My lower eyelids are not the same after eyelids done. I see the white of my eyes a bit more. Should I still consider permanent makeup eyelash enhancer or eyeliner ? I don't... READ MORE

Fat deposits in upper inner eyelid. Would I have a scar if I got them removed?

Had blepharoplasty done years ago. However i have now Fat deposits in upper inner eyelid. Will there be a scar if removed? any pics of patients that have done that without... READ MORE

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Can we see a pic of how u looked before? READ COMMENT

I dont see how you gave such a high rating to the staff when they treated u like that. READ COMMENT

This looks outstanding Please take a picture in the future to see how it goes once the swelling comes down completely. READ COMMENT

These injections under the eye should be illegal. READ COMMENT

You were very generous with rating this doctor. He did an awful job. READ COMMENT